Cycling has many advantages in a person’s well-being. As an endurance sport, cycling can be exceptionally good for cardiovascular fitness while also helping with weight loss.

It goes without saying that cycling burns calories, gets your heart pumping and works your legs and abs. It is healthy, accessible, fun, cheap, environmentally friendly and It can also lift your mood, put a smile on your face and improve your general health.

But as with any sport, there are common injuries that cyclists incur that may require professional help.


Cycling Injuries: Chiropractors, Physiotherapists & Massage Can Help


For all the fun and enjoyment of a good ride on your bike, cycling pain is a potential problem. It’s a highly repetitive sport so it’s quite understandable how small problems can become bigger issues over time.

One of the most common injuries that cyclists experience is overuse injuries. Overuse injuries commonly includes knee pain, back pain, and Achilles tendon problems which can cause a lifetime of pain. But don’t worry; your local chiropractors and physiotherapists will all treat musculoskeletal conditions affecting potentially any joint or muscle from head to toe as well as addressing dysfunctions of the nervous system. They’ll massage your injuries, which can help speed healing and reduce discomfort. It’s a proven treatment technique by virtue of pure experience and practice. And more importantly, both chiropractors and physiotherapists can use their knowledge and expertise to provide guidance on cycling posture and the setup of your bike to ensure you enjoy those benefits in a pain-free way.

The main thing that physiotherapists, chiropractors and all therapists have in common is that they want you to feel better. Riding doesn’t have to be painful so consult your physician now and get properly fitted with adjusted gear which can help prevent problems and injuries.