Yes, cycling with your dog attached via a leash can be a great experience for both dog and cyclist. There are, however, a number of questions to tick off before you head out on the highway. Firstly, is your dog designed to run at speed for lengthy periods? By this I mean that not all breeds of dog are suited to this kind of recreational pursuit. Small dogs, some terriers, Shih tzus, Chihuahias and the like are not made for longish bike journeys. Don’t drag around a panting small pup, whist you pedal the highways and byways, it is too cruel to contemplate.

Cycling with Your Dog: Great for Its Health

Next, is your dog fit enough to run alongside your bike? Old and/or overweight canines may not be in shape for prolonged gallops beside your pushbike. Thirdly, is your dog streetwise and socialised enough to cope with traffic on the roads? Imagine the carnage possible with leashes getting caught in wheels, barking dogs engaging with pedestrians, other animals and vehicles of all persuasions. Vet your dog before you cycle with him or her, your health and sanity will thank you.

Cycling with your dog is great for its health, if you have the right dog for the job. Dogs that love to run and have been groomed for this style of ambulatory movement, will lap it up. All four feet on the floor will be moving in syncopation with your cycling self. A fit dog is a happy dog, just like a fit human is, most often, happier than your garden variety slob. Getting off the couch is good for both pooch and people. Life is so much more tasty if you charge about a bit; and a bike can be fun.

Make sure, however, that you practice balancing your leash holding with the dual tasks of maintaining a connection with your dog and riding a bike. Some folks, tie their dog leash to a designated part of the bicycle, either a handlebar or some other section of the frame. There are specially made bike accessories for this very task, which can be mounted on your deadly treadly. The joys of cycling are many and varied; as are the joys of dog ownership. A beast on the leash behind your two-wheeled vehicle is a stimulating situation for both parties, when performed well. Good luck out there and remember the road rules, because Fido may not know them.